5 Plumbing Tips For Summer

by Jun 25, 2020Blog, Plumbing Resources

Summertime can be full of fun, friends, swimming, vacations, and BBQs. 

The kids are home from school, the sun is shining, and it’s a great time to enjoy your family and friends. 

But all of this extra activity can sometimes wear on your water supply and plumbing. 

Thankfully there are things you can do to help prevent any issues this summer while still having a blast! 

Summer is also a good time to check on different elements in your home and have things serviced or fixed that you may have been putting off over the winter. 

Marquez Plumbing knows how fast summer flies by, and today we want to give you some tips to help with your plumbing needs this season. 

Vacation Tip: Turn Your Refrigerator Up And Your Water Heater Down

Summer is the perfect time to go on a family vacation. The kids are out of school and you are ready to relax as a family. 

Did you know there are things you can do to help out your plumbing system and save money while you are on your vacation?

As you are getting ready to leave your home for a trip, you should empty your fridge of all perishables. Once that’s done, turn the temperature up on your fridge. 

This trick will save you energy – and money – while you’re away. 

Likewise, before you leave your home for those glorious days away, you should turn your water heater down. 

Nobody will be using the shower, so it won’t matter that it’s cold or lacking pressure. 

This will save you extra money on the electricity bill while you are gone and reduce the amount of energy wasted. 

Plus, it will give your water system a nice break.

Be Wise When It Comes To Water Usage 

Most of us are aware of the droughts, climate issues, wildfires, and water shortages around the world right now. 

Our very own California is often hit hard with water shortages and wildfires. 

It is important that we all educate ourselves on this big issue and do what we can to help out. 

Things like taking shorter showers, not running hoses all day, and being aware of how often you are flushing are all things that you can do to be a part of the solution. 

You can learn more about how to be wise with your water at ReSource

Check On Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are a place where a lot of water is often wasted and with it, a lot of money. 

Whether you check them yourself or hire a professional, it is highly recommended that you inspect your sprinkler system each summer. 

Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electric says,

“You should check all your sprinkler heads to make sure they are all working correctly and are not leaking. 

You do not want to waste water because of broken things in your sprinkler system. Broken sprinkler heads can spray onto the sidewalk and waste water, which causes the grass to die. 

You should also clean the heads. It is recommended to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening after the sun goes down. 

If you turn on your sprinklers during the day the water can be lost due to evaporation from the heat throughout the day. Make sure to be careful when mowing the lawn to avoid damaging the shower heads.”

Taking the time to do this can save a lot of water, energy, and expenses. 

Be Careful About What You Put Down The Garbage Disposal

Family cookouts and BBQs with friends are summer classics. 

Unfortunately, the foods that are most commonly eaten at these meals can be the most catastrophic to your garbage disposal. 

Watermelon, corn on the cob, and the infamous greasy burgers and hotdogs are all terrible for the garbage disposal. Enjoy your BBQ, but to avoid issues, make sure you dispose of food properly. 

Another tip is to run cold water at full pressure for at least 15 seconds whenever you put something into your garbage disposal to make sure it is all flushed through.

If you run into issues with your garbage disposal don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Marquez plumbing to fix it.

Have Your Sewage Maintained

Bill The Plumber says,

“A sewer line in a home is where all of the other plumbing lines connect into. 

Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, and toilets all lead to the main sewer line. 

The main sewer line of the home then connects to the city’s main sewer system. It is important for one to keep their sewer line maintained so that it does not become clogged, or backed up.”

There are things you can do to help maintain your sewage throughout the year such as cutting tree roots if they are getting too close to the line and using your toilet and garbage disposal properly. 

However, it is recommended that you have a professional come do some maintenance and repairs on your system to help keep it running smoothly. 

This will help avoid any big and expensive issues down the road. Proper maintenance now can save you a lot of headaches later. 

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