Hard Water Solutions, Part 1: How To Tell If You’re Having Hard Water Issues

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Hard water is a common issue that impacts many households. It is important that you understand what hard water is, what the signs are for hard water, how it can impact you, and what to do about it. 

We at Marquez Plumbing, one of the best plumbing service providers in California, want you to have a good understanding of hard water issues so you can address them properly.

This way you and your water heater are prepared for the holiday season!

Signs Of Hard Water

To tell if you have hard water and then address the issue, you first need to understand what hard water is.

According to USGS,

“In scientific terms, water hardness is generally the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. But in layman’s terms, you may notice water hardness when your hands still feel slimy after washing with soap and water, or when your drinking glasses at home become less than crystal clear.”

There are a variety of signs that can help reveal that your home’s water is hard. 

When you are careful to observe issues like water hardness in your home’s plumbing system, and quickly fix them, you can avoid having to call in an emergency plumber.

film on your hands

Here are 6 signs of hard water that you should be on the watch for:

  1. A film on your hands or body after you have washed them. The extra calcium in the hard water reacts with the soap to cause a layer of soap scum. This soap scum may also be in your shower.
  2. A mineral buildup on faucets can be a big sign that the water in your home is hard. 
  3. Spots appearing on your dishes, glasses, or silverware can indicate that your water is hard and leaving behind calcium carbonate deposits.
  4. Low water pressure in your home. The calcium carbonate can build up and cause blockages that slow water flow
  5. Mineral stains on fabrics after being washed may indicate that you have hard water.
  6. Dry and itchy skin or hair can be caused by hard water and maybe a sign that your home’s water is hard.

The best way to know if your water is hard for sure is to either use a test strip or call in a professional to test it for you.

Why Is Hard Water A Bad Thing? 

Although the signs of hard water in themself indicate that hard water can be a problem, we are going to go over the issues associated with hard water a little further.

If you are now learning that you have hard water don’t worry too much. Hard water is not known to be a health hazard.

But there are a few things that still make it a concern, and warrant addressing.

Hard water can cause: 

  • A higher than normal water bill
  • Stains and soap scum in shower and appliances
  • A need for frequent plumbing repairs, or an emergency plumber in some cases
  • Build up on plumbing fixtures
  • Clothes that are being stained or quickly faded
  • Dry hair and skin

As you can see, although hard water will not physically harm you, it can cause a lot of issues and should be taken care of quickly. 

If things get out of hand with your plumbing you may have to call in an emergency plumber, which can be costly. 

Take care of your hard water as soon as you notice it for the best results.

The Typical Water Softener’s Downfalls 

The average water softener uses a lot of salt to filter out the magnesium and calcium. Although this does result in soft water, it also causes some other issues. 

Some of these potential problems are:

  1. The water can end up being too soft, which comes with its own problems
  2. There is too much sodium added
  3. It is not suitable for proper irrigation
  4. Salt softeners are expensive and difficult to both install and maintain
  5. They may cause issues in people’s dietary supplement needs

Finding the right water softener that does not cause these issues is important to consider when you are working to resolve your hard water issues.

Why You Should Consider Nuvo Water Softener 

According to Nuvo H20,

“The NuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softeners treats hard water in two ways:

First, instead of removing beneficial minerals like old-fashioned salt softeners, the NuvoH2O system binds and isolates the hard mineral ions with a process known as chelation. Once bound to CitraCharge®, NuvoH2O’s binding agent, the mineral cannot form scale.

Second, NuvoH2O also lowers the measured pH of the water to reduce or eliminate scale formation.”

This amazing technology can rid you of all the negative impacts of hard water without causing the problems that a typical water softener would.

We at Marquez Plumbing are one of the best plumbing service providers out there, and we are pros at installing our Nuvo H20 salt-free water softeners. We will happily serve you, and help end all of your hard water issues efficiently and quickly.

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