3 Common Holiday Plumbing Problems (And How To Avoid Them) Part 3: The Water Heater

by Dec 17, 2020Blog, Plumbing Resources

The holiday season is a lot on your water heater. You are likely using the kitchen a lot more, you may have guests in the house using the shower and washing machine, and the dishwasher is probably being used a lot more than usual.

All of this extra use can cause issues for your water heater, especially if it is old or not properly maintained. 

We know you want to avoid having to call the 24-hour emergency plumber on Christmas Eve, so today Marquez Plumbing wants to share with you what types of issues may occur with your water, how to avoid them, how to fix them, and when you need the help of a professional. 

This way you and your water heater are prepared for the holiday season!

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Issues That Can Occur With Your Water Heater

Not Having Enough Hot Water

This problem is often more easily noticed when you have a full house. Your water heater may struggle to meet the demands. However, a properly running water heater should still give you a good amount of hot water every day.

If you have noticed that your hot water runs out quicker than it used to then you can try adjusting the temperature dial and wait 30 minutes.

If this does not work, or you see that it is getting worse you should call a plumber company as soon as possible, as it could be faulty wiring that will need to be fixed or replaced.

Water Temperatures Changes

If you find while you are showering that your shower goes from freezing cold to boiling hot in a matter of seconds, then that is likely a sign of a problem in your water heater.

The first thing you should do is check your water heater thermostat. It may simply be set wrong.

After that, if you are still seeing these drastic temperature changes then you may need to either change the thermostat or replace the product’s heating unit.

If you are not sure how to do this, and can’t bear the thought of another rollercoaster of a shower, then call a 24-hour emergency plumber to help you out. 


A Leak In The Water Heater

Leaks may start small, but they often grow and can cause some real damage to the surrounding areas.

Make sure to check your water heater often and examine it for damage or leaks. If you find a leak make sure you fix it quickly. Either try tightening up the screws yourself to fix a small leak, or call your local plumbing company to come to fix it right away.

The last thing you want this holiday season is a leak in your water heater.


Poor Flow Of Water

When the pressure of your water changes while you shower or wash dishes that may be a sign of sediment build-up in your water heater. The sediments block the water access causing drops in water pressure followed by surges of water.

You can try to fix this yourself by draining the water heater and flushing out any sediments. This guide will show you how. 

How to Avoid Water Heater Problems

The best way to avoid these problems is to maintain your water heater. At least twice a year you can go through a maintenance checklist for your water heater. If you do this you can increase its longevity and save money on repairs and replacements.

  1. Insulate or repair insulation of your water heater
  2. Insulate or repair insulation on the pipes
  3. Look at and adjust the temperature
  4. Empty the tank to flush out sediment
  5. Look at the Anode Rod and repair if needed
  6. Test the TPR Valve

If you perform these tasks then your water heater should work more efficiently for longer.

Time for a replacement? Check out this guide for choosing the best hot water heater. 


When To Contact A Plumber Company

If you are a busy person, or you are not sure how to maintain or fix your water heater, that is okay. That’s what the professionals are here for!

You can have them come every year to maintain your water heater, and when issues arise such as leaks or a lack of water pressure can call for the 24-hour emergency plumber.

If you want a company that is incredibly professional and will give you affordable quality work then Marquez Plumbing is perfect for you!

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