5 Signs You Need A Water Heater Replacement At Home

by Feb 20, 2019Blog

Are you thinking of getting a water heater replacement anytime soon?

Running water is a necessity for our everyday life especially in every household. We use water from the time we wake up until the end of the day.

Most people use hot water from the time they take their baths or showers, washing the dishes, watering the plants, cooking, and a lot more. Stable hot running water in places that experiences more winter season is truly essential in every home.

Some people don’t know that they already have water heater problems until the only water running out of their tap is cold water. So when is really the best time for a new water heater installation?


Take a look at these 5 warning signs for water heater replacement:


Warning Sign #1 – The Old Age of Your Water Heater Unit

Every appliance has its expiration date and water heaters are not an exemption. Homeowners are unaware of its water heater complications due to their old age.

Majority of water heaters start acting up when it is over 8-10 years old. According to Energystar, “Water heaters are replaced on average every 13 years, although product lifetime depends on a variety of factors including the type of unit, the hardness of the water, and how the water heater is maintained.”

If your water heater reached the 10-year mark without repairs, you still need to replace them before the water heater problems arise on or before its timeline. Take a look at its manufacturing date or the serial number sticker on top of the water heater to know its age.
Start looking for a replacement option once you know old your unit is to reduce repairs in the future. You may ask a water heater installation expert if you want an estimate and if you need a water heater replacement as soon as possible.

Warning Sign #2 – Your Hot Water Is Rusty

Imagine taking a shower and having brown water running out of your tap. If you experience this, your water heater is probably rusting from the inside and would need a replacement right away.

It will not take long for your water heater to leak once it has rust. Normally, if you notice a metallic smell, this is the sign that your heater has rust inside.

Have a professional to inspect your water heaters to prevent these rusty water. Most likely, they will just change the anode rod inside your heater and not the entire water heater.

But if this occurs more often, replacing the anode rod is not efficient anymore because it has more damages when it ages. Opt for a new water heater installation instead.

Warning Sign #3 – Your Water Heater Makes Noise

If you hear knocking, rumbling, or popping sounds from your water heater, there are probably sediments building up at the bottom of the tank. These sediments harden and take up space in your water heater which makes it harder for your heater to heat the water supply.

Over time, it will cause leaking, cracking, and holes in your water heater. As your heater ages, the noise becomes louder as the tank heats up the water.

If you hear this noise, contact a plumbing expert to prevent more damages to your system.


Warning Sign #4 – Your Water Heater is Leaking

This is the most common sign that your water heater is aging. If your heater tank is the one leaking, this is a serious problem as your tank can burst at any moment.

Excessive pressure inside the tank or overheating leads to fractures or cracks that may cause these leaks. If you have inspected your tank on your own and it is not because of any loose fitting or a bad drain valve, you may want to contact a professional to prevent those leaks to flood your home.

Warning Sign #5 – Your Water Is Not That Hot Anymore

Insufficient hot water is another sign you need to look at before replacement. Hot water is vital in our everyday lives especially to those who are not fond of taking a shower with cold water.

As your water heater ages, its heating capacity power lessens. Your water heater’s purpose is to produce continuous hot water running out of your tap.

Sediments also build up over time regardless of the size of your water heater. These sediments block the heat source of your heater that’s why it produces less hot water.

Lack of hot water is definitely a sign that it needs to get replaced!


These are just the 5 visible signs you need to know if you need a water heater replacement. If you want to reduce these water heater problems, always have it well maintained and taken care of.

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