5 Benefits Of Getting A NUVO H2O Water Softener At Home

by Apr 25, 2019Blog, Sewer Service

Our Water Softeners Feature a Brilliant Design that was Crafted with your Family in Mind

The NUVO H2O water softener uses an advanced filtration system to remove hard minerals, leaving your family with clean, safe water on demand. The presence of hard water can leave soap deposits on your dishes and shorten the life of your appliances. Salt-based softeners are difficult to maintain and require regular maintenance. However, the NUVO H2O system uses one cartridge that can last up to 6 months or more. Not to mention, its compact design means that it can fit anywhere and can extend the life of your water heater, plumbing fixtures, and other appliances.  

How does a NUVO H2O water softener work?

Did you know that your water system can be classified as “hard” if it contains 60mg or more of dissolved calcium and magnesium? NUVO H2O treats hard water in two ways:
  1. NUVO’s system chelates and then isolates the calcium ions to prevent hard water scale and buildup, and
  2. NUVO’s softeners lower the water’s pH level which further reduces the scale.
Compact, efficient and easy on your wallet, the NUVO softener gives you a cleaner, healthier water by removing calcium and magnesium deposits. The system comes to your door fully equipped with all of the components needed for operation. Installation is simple and the best part is, you’ll be extending the life of your plumbing and appliances. The NUVO H2O system also contains a unique CitraCharge technology that helps eliminate hard water by separating the minerals from the water. This then allows the minerals to bind together and pass through pipes, fixtures, appliances and your skin without forming a hard water scale. CitraCharge’s main ingredient is citric acid, which occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables and contains chelation properties. The citric acid is beneficial in reducing your water’s pH level, providing cleaner water for your entire family.

What are the benefits of using a NUVO water softener?

You can feel confident that your NUVO H2O system will remove the existing hard scale minerals from your water and prevent future build-up. And because the NUVO H20 uses cartridges instead of salt-based softeners, wastewater is eliminated. The best part is, NUVO H2O systems do not require electricity. Make the right investment for your home’s water system and your family. Our team of professionals is on stand-by ready to answer your questions and provide technical support at your convenience. With the NUVO H2O system, your water will not only be softer, but purer and better tasting as well.

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