Marquez Plumbing COVID-19 Response

Apr 10, 2020Blog, Plumbing Resources

Important message to our customers: 

At Marquez Plumbing, we recognize that the current coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the lives of our valued customers. 

It is our wish to provide you with safety, assurance, and continued quality of service during this unprecedented time.  

Marquez Remains Open And Ready To Serve

It is our priority to protect the health of both our customers and our staff, while also recognizing that the need for plumbing expertise may be higher than ever. 

While much of the nation is at home, it is understandable that an increase of plumbing needs will arise. 

We encourage our customers to contact us when problems occur. Large and costly plumbing issues can often be prevented when small clogs and leaks are addressed early on. 

Marquez is still fully staffed and operating at our normal business hours, while adhering to the health and safety guidelines in place by the state of California. 

Your Safety Is Our Priority

When you call on Marquez, you can expect to see even higher measures taken to create a healthy work environment. 

Our cleaning and disinfecting practices have become even more thorough, and we are strictly following CDC guidelines and doing our part to halt the spread of COVID-19. 

No-Contact Service

At Marquez, we understand that our customers feel apprehensive about inviting anyone inside their home during this health crisis. 

Because of this, we have adopted a no-contact policy that ensures your safety while still providing you with quality service. 

Our technicians :

  • Wear disposable masks, gloves, boot covers, and other protective gear
  • Disinfect anything you or they come into contact with 

Including, but not limited to, equipment, work surfaces, vehicles, tablets, phones, and clipboards

  • Thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds according to CDC guidelines, and use hand sanitizer
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines 

Explain your issue on the phone to our customer service team, and you are not required to be in proximity to our technicians as they work. We are also happy to use whatever home entrances and exits you request. 

Because our technicians are considered essential workers, we take these safety precautions very seriously and wish to assure you that when you  call us your home and health are in good hands. 

If you have questions or concerns about services provided, scheduling needs, or you wish to address a plumbing issue while remaining at distance from our technicians, we are happy to assist and accommodate at any time. 

Be assured that as the coronavirus situation changes, we will continue to make adjustments to our work practices as needed. 

It is our mission to provide our same level of professional and dependable customer service while going above and beyond to care for our customers needs during this pandemic. 

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Further questions or concerns? 

Contact the friendly staff at Marquez Plumbing today

We thank you for the continued support of our business. 


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